Masters Programs

  • Learn more about applying for a CS MS; read the FAQs here.
  • Learn more about the CS MS requirements here.
  • Duke offers no financial support for the CS Master's.
  • MS in Economics and Computation

    The joint field of economics and computation has recently emerged from two converging intellectual needs, which has created the opportunity for a truly interdisciplinary program. in the short time since the program's founding, MSEC graduates have gone on to research jobs or PhD programs in CS, economics, finance, government, and business. Reflecting this strong interdisciplinary relationship, Duke University 福建体彩网-英超直播, according to

    MSEC is a course-only MS, which requires 30 hours of course credits (10 courses), one of which must be a capstone course. The exam is administered by a three-person committee appointed by the Directors of Graduate Studies for the 2 disciplines; students choose whether to be examined in the Computer Science department or in Economics, and the committee has a majority of members from the department chosen. The exam is based on a portfolio, composed of  research papers, project reports, presentations and other professional documents produced during the course of the MS.

    What you should know before applying:

    • The MSEC program is designed to meet the needs of students with varied levels of exposure to either Economics or Computer Science, but a strong quantitative background is recommended.
    • Applications to the MSEC program number relatively few, but the applicants are an intelligent and motivated group self-selected for their interdisciplinary interests. See for MSEC.
    • Learn more about the MSEC requirements from the website.
    • This degree program classifies as STEM (CIP Code 45.0603: Econometrics and Quantitative Economics), and students in this program can apply for a .